Pictured with the DIESEL COWBOY


Playing Harmonica With Lemongrass

My name is Colin Gibson and I am retired and live in Scotland. This is my first solo country music project, after many years in country music bands. 

I started playing rock and roll in a school band in the late 50's, playing music by JERRT LEE LEWIS,CHUCK BERRY,and ELVIS. After leaving school, I went to college to train as a farm manager. And it was there I discovered country music. This would be the music I would choose to play as a singer and a musician. I moved  to Scotland to become a farm manager in the mid 60's. Just played around with country music, playing solo work in bars. In 1978 I married my wife Josie,and in the summer of that year, met up with a group of guys who were forming a country band. The band was named HIGH PLAINS COUNTRY. We played in local clubs and bars giving me valuble  experience playing live music.. 

It was then that the PEDAL STEEL GUITAR became a big part of my life. I bought my first steel guitar a SHOBUD STUDENT from the STEEL MILL in KENT. I could not find a tutor in the UK, so I got in touch with the premier steel guitar tutor in NASHVILLE the late Jeff NEWMAN. Then with help from JEFF, I progressed enough  to play in the band. 
High Plains Country disbanded and we reformed as SMOKEY MONTAIN COUNTRY. This was a five piece with a girl singer. We did songs by Dave and Sugar, TAMMY, LORETTA, and other stars of that time, 
I was then asked to join HARPER VALLEY as their steel player. Played mostly country and 60's music. There were a very popular and  busy band. I also filled in with other bands who required a steel player. 

 During my spare time I helped to run a local country music club at GRETNA in SW SCOTLAND, it was called the BORDER BADLANDS C.M.C. It was there
I met the DIESEL COWBOYS who played at the club, a couple of times a year. They asked me on one of their performances to sit in with my pedal steel. They must have been impressed, because I was asked to join them. They were such an enthusiastic and fun band  I said yes. These were the best years of playing live country music.We played at festivals and clubs all over the UK. We also recorded three albums of country music together. All good things come to an end when the rest of the guys decided to go full time in the music business. I was still working so this would be the end of my DIESEL COWBOYS career. 

I took some time off from playing music till MALCOLM MASON of LEMONGRASS phoned to say there was a position for a steel player in his band. I said yes as they were a popular trio playing the number of gigs that suited my work commitments. CAROLINE, MALCOLM'S daughter was also in the band making us one of the best trio's in the UK. After 12 years playing with LEMONGRASS, CAROLINE decided to go solo, and MALCOLM wanted to change to a different line-up. 

In 2015 got together with a couple of old friends PAM and PHIL BAYNE (THE RUNAWAYS) who had been playing since the 60's, covering a wide range of music. They lived in my area giving me a chance to join them. We do mostly WRI and local gigs in Dumfriesshire. Have also recorded a cd with them at TOM TYSON'S studio THE MUSIC FARM near EGREMONT, CUMBRIA. 

Well this is where I am at the moment. My first solo project with selected songs over many years of playing.Some of my chosen songs may not be pure country, but these are songs that I have wanted to record.. I must thank my wife JOSIE, who gave me the kick up the butt and the confidence to get this solo cd/album done. I will also be recording a video to put on the PHIL MAC country music channel of one of the songs.

Watch this space!!


P.S.    I forgot about the duo " DUGGAN AND GIBSON ". Crai




One of the most popular bands on the British country music scene (named after a tin of talcum powder) is Lemon Grass from Cumbria. The
band was founded in the late 1960's as a pop band but even back then country songs found the way into their repertoire. One of the founder
band members Malcolm Mason is responsible for resurrecting it after they went in to a premature short lived retirement.
The band enjoyed much success with previous line ups and for two years running were voted top British trio by the Country Music Roundup
readers and released 3, very successful albums.
Caroline has one of the best voices in country music today whether she's
singing the modern day songs of the Dixie Chicks or Patsy Cline
standards. Looking at Caroline and hearing her singing it's hard to
believe that so much voice could be contained in one small person.
Malcolm has a great country voice and an easy laid back stage presence
doing justice to George Strait and Randy Travis numbers and when
dueting with daughter Caroline their voices blend well together.
Colin Gibson from Ecclefechan aside from being an accomplished steel
player, is a fine singer and does a great job of Vince Gill numbers
In 2003 they released a CD entitled a great
selection of country covers demonstrating the bands vocal talent and
unique sound.
They are nice people who were runners up in our Band of the
Year Award in 2008 proving how popular they are in our

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